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Eastern Medicine is the prevention and treatment of disease through multiple modalities. These Asian-derived techniques are tried, true, and evolved, and have been practiced for over 5,000 years. Dr. Rodgin’s practice includes acupuncture, electroacupuncture, moxibustin, guasha, cupping, magnets and lasers. She is committed to a wholistic approach to healing, as she harmonizes and balances the whole body. The treatments she uses are personalized for each patient.

What occurs during a treatment session in Eastern Medicine?

Diagnostic tools in Eastern medicine include taking a detailed medical history, evaluation of the tongue, twelve different wrist pulses, and abdominal palpation. The treatment that follows is aimed at moving Qi (energy conduction) therapeutically to reduce a patient's illnesses and to promote improved health and well being.

ACU Healing Center

Our Mission

Our mission is to heal patients, and to engage them in helping to solve their problems and complaints.

ACU Healing Center

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an integrated part of our patients' healthcare team.

AcuHealing Center staff

ACU Healing Center

Dr. Susan Rodgin graduated from the New England College of Acupuncture with double degrees in Chinese and Japanese acupuncture. She returned to graduate school focusing on Integrative Medicine while maintaining her acupuncture practice, and will finish her Doctor of Acupuncture degree in August 2019.

While having a Primary Care acupuncture practice, Dr. Rodgin has had particularly notable success in the treatment of neurologic conditions such as Bell’s Palsy, carpel tunnel syndrome, SIRVA, Raynaud’s syndrome, joint and back pain, sciatica and peripheral neuropathy.

Dr. Rodgin is also an optometrist, practicing at the same location in Wayland, MA.

Dr. Susan Rodgin

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Ms. Hope Zieff is the Chief Operations Officer at AcuHealing Center. She manages the office administration and communications, and is indispensable in making the office run smoothly.

Ms. Hope Zieff